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The Groenwater Community Property Association approached Jasper Power in 2020 for assistance to their community members with Artisan Trades Training (Short Courses), towards enabling them to become marketable for job opportunities.  Jasper agreed to support this skills development initiative, and selected 10 unemployed youth to attend the Petra Training Academy (based in Johannesburg) to study for various Artisan Trades.


The trades below listed are on offer by Petra Training Academy:

  • Rigid Dump Truck Operators
  • Boiler Making
  • Grader Operator
  • Welding
  • Basic Rigging
  • Drill Rig Operators


Due to COVID-19 National Lockdown in March 2020, five of the candidates were unable to complete their courses. Jasper decided to re-enrol them at Petra Training Academy in September 2020, in order to complete their training and receive their certification. Four of the candidates successfully completed their courses, while one failed to do so due to personal issues.


For more information about the Petra Training Academy - click on the logo below.


In Quarter 3 of 2020, the  Jasper Power O&M team agreed to help one of the bursary students, Theo Mathibi, to receive practical training as part of the requirements needed to complete his studies in Mechanical Engineering. Jasper Power succcessfully placed him at Sinai Energy as a Mechanical Engineering Intern, while covering the costs of an intern’s practical training.


Who is Sinani Energy (Pty) Ltd?

Sinani Energy (Pty) Ltd  is a Level 2 B-BBEE energy solutions provider which delivers tailored products and services that optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower reliance on the national grid – ultimately improving profitability and sustainability.


Who is Theo Mothibi?

Thamsanqa Theophillus Mothibi, otherwise known as Theo, is a youth from Postmasburg, and was a final year Mechanical Engineering student at the Vaal University of Technology in 2020.  Theo strives  to become  an independent person in five years' time, studying for his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Theo is one of five children, and due to the family’s financial constraints he could not continue his tertiary education. He successfully applied for  a Jasper Power Company bursary, allocated to students within the communities of Postmasburg and Daniëlskuil. When Theo is not studying, he enjoys activities such as reading and playing rugby.


For more information about the Sinani Energy (Pty) Ltd - click on the logo below.

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Jasper Power's current & past SED projects are as follows:


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