The Learn2Drive programme commenced in Quarter 3 of 2017,  aimed at incorporating both ED and SED initiatives. Communities desperate for assistance appealed to Jasper Power to help their youth obtain their drivers' licences, thus enabling them to access possible work opportunities.  In this regard, Jasper Power collaborated with two local Driving Schools (SMMEs), the municipality and members from each community.


Grade 11 and 12 learners, as well as those up to the age of 35, were  encouraged to obtain their driver's licence through the Learn2Drive campaign. The aim of the campaign (currently halted due to Covid-19 issues), was to assist willing members of the community to obtain (a) their learner's licence, and (b) their driver's licence. We hope  to resume the programme in due course.


Some of the key benefits of the programme have been;

• Teaching a life skill. Driving is a life skill that many are not always able to accomplish, due to the cost involved and also that the financial burden of tuition is carried by the families. This may result in the affordability for a driver’s license tuition only to occur once full-time employment is obtained.

• Teaching the youth about road safety.

• Enabling successful applicants with a valid driver’s license to source employment more successfully.


By providing the Driving Schools which are small businesses with a steady stream of customers we are supporting Enterprise Development. What is even more fantastic is that the selected driving schools represent both Tsantsabane and Kgatelopele, a great example of locals teaching locals a life skill.




Programme Constraints

  • Sixty candidates where recruited in 2020, 30 from the Postmasburg and Daniëlskuil communities.
  • During first quarter of 2020, the owner of the driving school in Tsantsabane unexpectedly passed away.
  • The candidates from Tsantsabane where them reallocated to the Daniëlskuil driving school.
  • Due to Covid-19 worsened the normal back log experienced at testing stations in both Postmasburg and Kuruman. It also affected the traffic departments as they were close during the lockdown period.
  • The Tsantsabane Driving school decided to focus only on the Danielskuil group to get them through their first and second attempt driving tests. The long periods between schooling and testing dates impacted what the learners retained which resulted in a poorer pass rate.
  • By end 2020 Jasper Power made the decision, based on the above facts and the uncertainty of future Covid-19 lockdowns, to halt the programme until further notice.



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