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We at Jasper Power consider the health and well-being of our communities to be very important, as we continue providing support and  assistance to Postmasburg Hospital. This 45-bed hospital remains severely understaffed. It is being manned by a small complement of twenty-four nurses, as well as seven doctors, only one of whom fills a permanent position.  The facility is therefore severely short-staffed, and would greatly benefit from having double the current number of personnel.


Through Jasper Power’s intervention, the stipends of two Postmasburg Hospital administrators have been paid since the start of their employment in 2016. They are much needed,  in addition to their administration work, they assist with the admission of patients. In 2017 repairs in and around the paediatric ward were completed with the installation of 18 air-conditioning units in the paediatric ward, treatment room, medicine room, male ward, female ward, casualty, and the hospital's boardroom.


In 2019 Jasper Power refurbished the hospital’s hot water system, installing new geysers and also purchasing much needed hospital linen & equipment.



Postmasburg District Hospital

Tsanstabane Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre

Jasper Power pledged their support, through 2019 – 2020, to the work of the Tsantsabane Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre - an outpatient rehabilitation facility operating within the Tsantsabane community. The centre was initiated by the Kolomela Iron Ore mine, and at times experiences severe funding shortages, which hampers the work it needs to perform.


This centre is an identified NGO, which fits in with Jasper Power’s Socio-Economic Development strategy of helping to build and support communities. Jasper continues to assist the centre with various intervention programmes such as the following:

  • Child Protection Week (27 May – 2 June)
  • SANCA Drug Awareness Week (24 – 28 June)
  • International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day (9 September)
  • 16 Days of Activism on No Violence Against Aomen and Children (25 November – 10 December)


Jasper Power's ongoing  assistance to the Tsantsabane Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre enables us to support the community in terms of the local population’s mental psyche, high levels of unemployment are adding to the high rate of drug and alcohol abuse in the area. This initiative affords the centre the help it needs  to continue its valuable work, and the long-term drug rehabilitation programme is thereby available to those patients in dire need of the full period of 6 months.

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Jasper Power's current & past SED projects are as follows:


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