Women Empowerment

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Skills Training Programme

Through our continuous research of the local community, and the highlighted need for skills development of Black people in South Africa, Jasper decided to focus on many of the early learning centres/early childhood development centres around the local area that had been identified by our market analysis.


Many of these organisations are run by women, or community committees made up of women, who may otherwise be unemployed, and are supported by their efforts to provide an income for themselves and their families. These owner-run and community committee run crèches would benefit from mentorship programmes, administrative skills, childcare practices and financial support. The focus on owners of early learning centres would therefore support our strategy of both women's independence and assisting Black women in business.


Jasper Power continues the support of ECD training conducted by the Custoda Trust. In addition, the local transportation business (Immanuel Transport) continues to transport the Early Childhood Centres practitioners from Postmasburg and Daniëlskuil to the training facilities in Delportshoop.